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Horses can sadly develop some very serious injuries with a rehabilitation that can seem daunting. However with a clear rehabilitation plan we can get you and your horse back on form. Whether we are rehabilitating serious injuries such as a strained tendon or kissing spines to bruising and muscle strains, there are lots of options for you. 

What I can offer

As I horse rider myself, I understand how difficult and upsetting the rehabilitation process can be, as well as how stressful and time-consuming it can become when you are also trying to fit everything else in your life. I've personally had to deal with multiple injuries for tendon strains to kissing spines.

You may feel that there is no easy option and that you aren't entirely confident when faced with the prospect of rehabbing your horse alone. ​If you feel this way, don't worry! I can help by working with you to create a bespoke rehabilitation plan with clear and manageable goals for you and your horse. This plan will include physiotherapy treatments, home exercise plans and a road map to get your horse on the road to recovery.

Whether your aim is to return to competing, to get back in the saddle out hacking, or just to enjoy riding your horse again, I can help you to achieve your goals.


Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are bespoke and specially written to suit you and your horse. They vary with the type of injury your horse has. I will work closely with your vet and other musculoskeletal practitioners to discuss the best options for each individual case.


Treatment may include:​

  • Reducing pain and discomfort

  • H-wave treatment - this can increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage helping to treat soft tissue issues 

  • Photizo LASER treatment to help reduce pain and increase healing

  • Massage and manual therapy techniques to reduce any compensatory problems 

  • Week by week detailed exercise plans with easy to follow exercises, working towards your goals 

  • Using physiotherapy to encourage the correct healing of damaged tissues

  • Safely increasing the time it takes for your horse to heal

  • Advice on nutrition and supplements best suited for your horse

  • Guidance on weight management on box rest or restricted turnout where necessary

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