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Manual Therapy


The use of massage is to ensure your animal's musculoskeletal system remains functional and mobile while performing to the best of their ability. Massage uses different techniques to relieve your animal of pain and tension while their improving performance. Similarly, massage reduces the risk of injury to your animal by reducing hypertonicity, increasing suppleness and flexibility, and increasing range of motion.


Stretching involves the extending and straightening of your animal's limbs, either passively or actively. ​​​​​​​ This will improve your animal's flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow to improve their overall health and relax their musculoskeletal system, while improving their performance through increased stride length and joint flexion.

Range of motion exercises

Range of motion exercises involves moving your animal's joints through their whole range of motion, smoothly and carefully.

These exercises will increase their circulation, build muscle strength and tone, while also increasing your animals' flexibility and reducing any pain they are feeling.

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