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Jumping from walk

This is an exercise which involves keeping your horse in a strong walk, it is important that they will 'springy' in their walk, and giving them a squeeze to launch over a small jump. This jump doesn't have to be tall - roughly 2 foot. This exercise is also used by 5* eventer Lucinda Green.

This is an excellent exercise and can really benefit your horse by:

  • Building hindlimb musculature

  • Engaging the hindquarters

  • Improving core musculature (you can really see the horse's core engaging in the video)

  • Improving proprioception - it requires your horse to think about where they are putting their feet and improve their awareness of their body

  • Improving your horse's ability to listen to you and carefully assess the situation

As a rider it is also good to improve your reactions. It will develop your seat and teach you to ‘slip’ your reins, which is especially useful out on a cross country course.

Make sure you only do this exercise if you are confident to do so and you and your horse are fit enough.

If you have any questions and would like to know more, please get in touch: 07852 385084 or DM me!

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