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Let's talk polework!

Walking or trotting over poles is a great form of exercise with many benefits: • Builds core strength • Improves topline through the activation of their core • Improves your horse’s awareness of its limb placement • Encourages active joint flexion • Strengthens the pelvic stabilising muscles and the muscles in the thoracic sling

However, there are often concerns, particularly if you are rehabilitating your horse from an injury or if they have conditions such as osteoarthritis, that the force of your horse trotting over poles may be increased relative to trotting on level ground and that this may injure them.

But don’t worry! Studies have shown that peak vertical forces did not increase when trotting over poles (lowered or raised) compared to on level ground. These findings therefore support the use of trot poles during rehabilitation from lameness in horses that move symmetrically, whilst also being a great exercise for fun and fitness for all horses!

Please remember to follow all guidance given by your vet and musculoskeletal practitioners.

If you have any questions, would like to book or want to know more, please get in touch: 07852 385084 or DM me!

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