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The difference physiotherapy can make

These videos show the difference in this horse's back before and after her physiotherapy treatment.

In this first video you can see she has spasm and tension through the muscles that run the length of her back. She is clearly in a lot of discomfort and really needed a physiotherapy treatment. As horses have to carry the weight of tack and a rider, it is common that they get sore backs, this is why physiotherapy is essential for any horse - not just those who need rehabilitation of those competing.

This second video shows you the difference in her back following the use of H-Wave, massage and stretches, along with other techniques. Although there is still a spasm near her withers, the other spasms are gone and she is so much more comfortable with me palpating her back. The improvement in her back will make such a difference to her ridden work but also her overall comfort through improved physical and mental health.

If you have any questions, would like to book a session or just want to know a bit more, please get in touch:

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